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          Enterprise Core Competitveness



          1, the core program independent research and development, to meet the needs of individual customization

          Product development platform, product development process, test validation, product verification based entirely on the global TS16949 standard. Core program independent research and development to ensure that we provide products that can be based on customer needs system UI, functions, and other personalized needs.

          2, the humanized design concept + supporting experience of the depot to ensure that the product has the original car style

          Product features into the original car design elements, the appearance and function keys in accordance with the original proportion of the original design, clever use of the original car part of the facilities. Material, texture, color, lines, contours perfectly compatible with the original car style, product size and size of the original point of the perfect docking car docking.

          3, "lean manufacturing + car-class core components" to ensure product performance is stable and reliable

          Lean manufacturing based on the concept of production management, research and development programs, efficient production line to avoid the U-type product in the process of potential risk of human quality;


          Product Verification Capability

          Environmental testing
          High temperature, low temperature, temperature cycling, temperature shock, constant heat, alternating heat, rapid temperature change and other tests

          Fatigue endurance test
          Key Life Test, SD Card Life Test, USB Socket Life Test, AUX Socket Life Test, Encoder Rotation and Press Life Test

          Mechanical test
          Vibration, shock, drop and other tests

          Temperature vibration / fatigue durability composite test
          Temperature + Humidity + Vibration Test Simultaneous ... Temperature + Humidity + Fatigue Durability Test Simultaneous

          Special environmental test
          Resistance to dust, salt spray, liquid resistance and other tests

          Precision testing
          Conventional radio reception and audio and other electrical performance testing test

          ESD experiments
          Air discharge, contact discharge

          Aging test
          Product normal temperature life test (radio / CD / MP3 / DVD navigation)

          Reversing radar test
          Functional and performance testing of reversing radar



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